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Anthony Nuñez is a lifelong Arlington resident with over a decade of experience in the elder care industry. He is a serial entrepreneur, founding two robotics companies, who has a passion for ageing in place and education. Anthony is currently the CEO of INF Care, an organization that offers the Wellness Concierge that is focused on keeping older adults independent at home and connected with proactive attention. He volunteers his time as a Commissioner on Aging in Arlington County to help advocate for continued independence of the older adult population in Arlington, many of which are neighbors and friends of his. He holds patents for Robotic Personal Assistant technology, is a published author in STEM/Robotics education, a recognized expert for Ageing in Place, and has won numerous awards in ageing in place technology and robotics. He was a founding member of the National Robotics Week Advisory Council that passed a House Resolution that recognizes a week in April for the importance of STEM education and the Robotics industry in the United States and earned the nickname Mr. Roboto while teaching at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.