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Did you know that there is a special way you can help Arlington Neighborhood Village (ANV) to continue its outreach in our community without writing a check? Participation in ANV’s Legacy Circle broadens our fundraising efforts to sustain us for future generations. Legacy Circle avenues for estate planning contributions include:

  • Designating ANV as a beneficiary in one’s will
  • Amending an existing will with a codicil naming ANV as a beneficiary
  • Including ANV as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan
  • Designating a gift of stock to ANV
  • Designating ANV as a recipient of donations in memory of a loved one.

A gift in your will, often called a bequest, can help you create a lasting legacy.  And a bequest is flexible, versatile and convenient. You can structure your gift to best fit your financial goals and still have access to your assets during your lifetime.

A bequest in your estate plans makes sense for you if you want to:

  • Continue your support of ANV after your lifetime
  • Balance your generosity with an assurance that loved ones are taken care of first
  • Have the opportunity for your charitable giving to influence ANV’s future.

A bequest can be easy to implement, and your estate planning attorney may help you structure a gift so that your wishes for your loved ones and favorite causes are accurately fulfilled. Your counsel will need to know ANV’s EIN number (46-3591812).

If you decide to leave a bequest to ANV, please let us know so that we may express our appreciation and welcome you to the ANV Legacy Circle.  You can call us at 703-509-8057 or send a message to ANV’s Executive Director at or by mail to Arlington Neighborhood Village, 2666 Military Road, Arlington VA 22207.