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Thank you to Bean, Kinney & Korman, P.C. for their pro bono legal support.

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Volunteers make it possible for ANV to deliver programs and services to more people and at lower costs. More than 200 active (trained and vetted) ANV volunteers donate their time and talents every day to keep our members safe and connected and work behind the scenes to help run the organization.

Service Requests Filled
Volunteer Hours
Volunteer Miles Driven
Member Requests Filled
Value of Volunteer Time

Heartfelt thanks to the following volunteers who gave
over 100 hours of their time in 2021

Mike Anderson

Jean Anderson

Sue Arnold

Amy Brisson

Pat Burke

Elise Burns

Beverly Cannizzaro

Mary Beth Chambers

Maribeth Clissa

Michela Downey

David Eckerson

Carolyn Johnson

Audrey Kremer

Robert  Magner

Maureen Markham

Jamie McDonnell

Paul Merrion

Mike  Murtha

Elena Nelson

Peter Olivere

Emma Pattison

John Phillips

Michael Raizen

John Richardson

Tom Schlageter

Wendy Shapiro

Joan Smith

Connie Sorrentino

Bob Stump

Mary Stump

David Thompson

Anita Wallgren