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Thank You to Everyone Who Donated!


We’ve reached our fundraising goal. Your generosity means that ANV be able to help even more older adults age in place safely with the support of a caring community.


Aging in place safely often requires additional help, and many older adults—especially those on limited incomes—can’t access resources or social support to age as they wish. Older adults and their families deserve options that allow them to age as they would like—with dignity, autonomy, and community.

ANV offers generous financial aid as part of our Discounted Membership Program so that any Arlington senior can access our volunteer services and social support, regardless of their income.

Donations can be made online or by check.  Funds can be donated for a specific purpose or used at our discretion.

If you want to donate by check, please find the Donation form and mailing instructions here so that you can direct your support to either the General Fund or the Financial Aid.

General Fund

Your dollars will be used where they are most needed. Your support will help ensure the viability of Arlington Neighborhood Village over the long term and supplement member dues, which do not cover all of our expenses. This can be a one-time or monthly donation.

Financial Aid Fund

ANV has a generous discounted membership program to offset the membership fees for older adults with incomes less than $47,250. The financial aid fund pays from 80%-95% of the ANV membership fee. 

For example, a senior with an income less than $26,400 pays only $25 for full membership. Your contributions will help those who might not otherwise be able to join ANV do so at a significantly discounted fee. This can be a one-time or a recurring monthly donation.

Arlington Neighborhood Village greatly appreciates your donation, be it large or small. Every dollar donated now will make it that much more likely that ANV will be here for Arlington residents in the future. ANV is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Donations can be treated as charitable contributions and may be tax-deductible. Our EIN is: 46-3591812

Questions? Contact ANV’s Executive Director, Wendy Zenker, at (703) 509-8057 or