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Brenda Cox grew up in Arlington, attending Drew Elementary and Hoffman-Boston Junior-Senior High Schools.  She graduated in the 1965 class of Wakefield Senior High School, which was the first fully integrated class to graduate after integration came to Arlington.  She has been an advocate for Arlington’s senior residents for approximately fifteen years.  She has served six years on the Commission on Aging and three years on the Long-Term Care Commission.  She chaired the Public Information and Outreach Committee of the Commission on Aging for several years.  Her emphasis has been on ensuring that seniors and their families get pertinent information on the programs and services available to them BEFORE there is a crisis in the family.  Being a former public as well as a university librarian, she has a special appreciation for the role that information can play in helping us and our neighbors to plan to have the best quality of life as we/they age.  She firmly believes that people need not and should not be in crisis having to make significant quality of life decisions.  Since January, 2002 she has served as the coordinator of the Lomax Senior Ministry at her church.  It meets monthly to give information on topics of importance to seniors and their families.  She is looking forward to sharing what she has learned to further enhance the quality of life to the members of the Arlington Neighborhood Village.